Vegan mattresses proudly certified by the Vegan Society

We’re thrilled to carry stock Vogue Beds’ incredible vegan mattresses. Vogue Beds has created a vegan friendly mattress that is filled with recycled plastic bottles and has been certified by the Vegan Society. All to support the effort to reduce the impact of carbon output from farming and the remove need for mattress fillings to be tested on animals.

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Why Vegan Mattresses?

Why Vegan?

Because we care, we want the planet to exist, we recognise that agricultural carbon output is excessive, and we understand that mattress fillings do not need to be tested on animals.

For these reasons, more people are becoming vegan; we know that there is more to veganism than just food. We understand that it is not for everyone, but animal testing is not required in the manufacturing of mattresses.


Vegan Certified

The Vegan Society has certified Vogue Beds mattresses. This is important to us because we didn’t just want to create a collection of Vegan-friendly mattresses; we wanted someone else to look over our work and ensure that all of our ingredients met their standards.


Clever Low Carbon Fillings

Hand made in the heart of England, Vogue Bed’s mattresses contain fillings made from recycled plastic bottles, which prevents these bottles from ending up in landfills and feature their own Helix Intelligent Pocket Springs.

Vogue Beds’ clever hypo-allergenic fillings are constructed to allow maximum airflow which regulates body temperature, these fillings use the latest technology to turn recycle plastic into advanced layers of support to provide a comfortable, luxurious sleeping experience.

The whole mattress is wrapped in a plant base cover, which allows it to breathe, the fabric is unique in its construction! Considering the environment, the mattress can be completely recycled at the end of its life.

To avoid cross-contamination, all of our Vegan products are made first thing in the morning, which means no wool or other animal fillings come into contact with our Vegan collection.


Vogue Beds’ Story

Vogue started in 1990 with the desire to make British mattresses at an affordable price. By 1993, the company had outgrown its Leicester City Centre location and relocated to the rural Leicestershire village of Barwell. Over the decades the company grew to become and innovative bed and mattress manufacturer, supplying the UK and Irish markets. Vogue was invited to join the NBF (National Bed Federation) in 1998, and the company’s Founder and MD became an executive director in 2007 before becoming President of the 100+ Bed Federation in 2015.


Intelligent Helix Pocket Mattresses

What’s the difference between a Helix Pocket Spring and a Normal Pocket Spring?

The reason for different spring counts on a pocket spring unit is that the higher the spring count, in most cases, the firmer the mattress. For example, in a king size mattress, you can have a 1000 spring, 1500 springs, or 2000 springs; to accommodate this, the coils of the spring become smaller as the spring count increases.

So, in order to fit 2000 spring coils into a king size mattress, the coils are smaller and more compact, resulting in a firmer mattress.

So, what do you do if two people require different levels of comfort? For example, if one person weighs 18 stone and the other weighs 10 stone, they may prefer two different types of mattresses.

The 18 stone may prefer the 2000 pocket spring mattress whilst the 10 stone person may prefer the 1000 pocket spring mattress because the 2000 pocket spring is far too firm and vice versa.

This is where the ‘Intelligent’ bit of the Helix Pocket Springs comes in.

In a Helix Pocket Spring, each pocket coil is manufactured (different to the way a normal pocket Coil is) with a distinctive and progressive design the coil is receptive to individual body weight.

The construction of the coil with its innerspring help reduces partner disturbance and roll-together, working this way, each person feels the right amount of weight distribution, eliminating the need for a different spring count.

In a Helix Mattress, people of different weights can sleep together without the mattress feeling hard or soft because the springs react individually to each body weight.

So no more arguments in beds!