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About Hypnos

We are bedding specialists with over 30 years of experiencing in helping people all over the UK get a good night’s sleep. At Reading Bedding, we put our energy into selecting the best products so that you can rest assured that you are choosing from the best the UK has to offer.

To us, Hypnos offers everything that you could want in a bed. Handcrafted and with a history of making beds for over 100 years, Hypnos products are among some of the finest in the world.

Teaming Hypnos products with our experience of meeting customers’ requirements, you will be able to rest easy and buy with confidence.

Sink into sleep

Hypnos beds and mattresses are complemented by a range of pillows that will help soothe the day’s troubles away. Gently cradling your head and neck, Hypnos pillows have two options to choose from: Low Profile for stomach and back sleepers or High Profile for those who prefer to sleep on their side or front. If you find heat hard to counteract in bed, then the Hypnos Wool Pillow will help you regulate your temperature.

Mattresses are crafted with the finest natural materials, produced with your support and comfort in mind. As a brand, Hypnos may have been making beds for over 100 years, but they can match even the most sustainable of brands. The Heritage Collection delivers on design on typical Hypnos style, but does so by using only ecologically sound and sustainable materials. For those for whom support is everything, the Orthos Support collection uses Hypnos ReActive spring technology that makes sure that you are comfortable all night long.

The Regency collection combines ultimate luxury with handmade quality and the finest in natural materials that results in utter opulence in the bedroom and guarantees a good night’s sleep.

The Hypnos Pillow Top collection offers full body care with a pillow top to gently envelop you, while the superlative pocket spring mattress underneath ensures that your comfort comes with support that you need.

If style is everything in your bedroom, the Hypnos Headboard Collection allows you to tailor your bed to your décor. With design at the heart of the Hypnos Headboard Collection, you can choose from one of the Hypnos ranges of fabrics and materials or supply your own fabric for your handcrafted headboards to be made to blend or contrast with the colours, patterns and textures in your bedroom.

Our expertise, your choice

We only sell Hypnos products, so our team are extraordinarily knowledgeable across the entire range of Hypnos products. Not only will we be able to discuss your personal requirements by phone, we’ll be able to explain just how the different spring systems work and take you through the options available for you to choose from. Our team know the product ranges inside and out, and so will listen carefully to your requirements before recommending the best product for you.

Care and attention

At Reading Bedding our reputation is important to us. We want you to be happy with Hypnos products, but it is also important to us that you receive good value. That’s why we are delighted that we can help you find the right price when it comes to the Hypnos ranges. Our Best Price Guarantee means that you can be sure that, when you buy with us, you are getting the best price available.

We understand that your Hypnos product is an investment, so we offer 0% Interest Free Credit on all your purchases over £1,000

The Road to Nod

Our online store is the perfect place to choose your Hypnos bed but we can understand that you may be buying from anywhere in the UK. We are offer free UK delivery to the UK mainland to ensure that your Hypnos product reaches you in pristine condition and ready to support you through the night for many years to come.