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Mattress Buying Guide

Q. How do I choose the right bed?

You deserve to experience luxury. Bed: the place where you will spend a third of your life, so why compromise on quality?  Here at Beds Direct we promote the mantra “try before you buy.” Visit the Hypnos showroom and test a range of beds and mattressesLuxury mattresses come in firm, medium and even super soft.  Only you, and your partner, will know what will be the best compromise for your needs.  By trying your luxury Hypnos bed, you will be certain to have a good night’s sleep: so important for our wellbeing.


Q. I recently stayed in a hotel with Hypnos beds and found them very comfortable.  Are they available for members of the public to buy?

As Hypnos beds and mattresses are a luxury brand, you can find them in homes, hotels and cruise ships.  Hypnos beds are custom built and personalised to your needs.  Your Hypnos bed would be tailored to your size, comfort level and the look you desire.  So, the exact luxury bed you slept in  your hotel may not be available but there are many more in our Hypnos Collections that you can choose from.

Q I bought my bed a number of years ago and want to purchase another.  I can’t see the model in your brochure – is it still available?

At Hypnos, beds and mattresses evolve as we learn more about what offers ultimate comfort and luxury.  This means, at times, our collections change to create an even better experience for our customers.  Your luxury mattress will likely be over five years old now.  Therefore, the exact model will not be available but you will be pleased to hear a better version will be.  Please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.


Q. Can I purchase a new mattress to use on an existing divan base?

The Sleep Council, experts in beds and mattresses, advise purchasing a mattress and divan set as a complete unit.  Using an old divan or bedstead, which uses a sprung system, will provide a reduced level of support.  An imperfect base, with worn or tired springs or broken slats, will reduce the effectiveness of your Hypnos mattress.  This means the luxury bed you hope for may impact on your sleep and the quality of support for your back and neck.  This will also cause premature wear in your Hypnos mattress and you will lose the value for money that we strive to provide.

Q When should you change your mattress.

The Sleep Council, who guide us in the ethical sales and effective design of our Hypnos Beds and Mattresses, suggest changing your mattress every seven years.  We believe Hypnos beds and mattresses are of such high quality that they should last you ten years.  However, you are the best judge of the effectiveness of your bed and mattress.  If you suffer with asthma or your joints are particularly sensitive, then changing your bed and mattress more regularly is advised.  The longer you keep a mattress the more it will lose form and a build of dust mites might trigger asthma.  Did you know that pillows should be replaced more often that your luxury mattress? Check out our range of luxury pillows – otherwise you might be leaning your head against 285ml of fluid, we excrete per day, and 454 grams of dead skin cells, which we lose each year.


Q Is it true that the bigger the bed the better?

A luxury bed and mattress will offer you enough room to sleep without disturbing your partner.  So, yes, size matters.  Experts suggest buying the biggest bed and mattress you can fit in your bedroom.  You spend over 30% of your life in bed, therefore it is worth the investment.


Q I have a problem with my Hypnos bed, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear this and surprised that you do not have the most comfortable night’s sleep with your Hypnos bed.  We value our customer experience and therefore all Hypnos beds and mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee.  Please click on guarantee details and then register your concern

Q When will the guarantee cease to apply?

The guarantee is for ten years.  Hypnos might say your Hypnos bed and mattress guarantee ceases to apply if we discover that: 1. The product has been mistreated or damaged; 2. The product has not been maintained in accordance with the care instructions supplied – including mattresses not being turned or rotated 3. A new mattress has been used with an old or damaged divan or bedstead not deemed of suitable quality or 4. The mattress has been used on a slatted support system within a bedstead with slats more than 7.5cm apart.


Q. Can I have any mattress zipped and linked?

Yes, your Hypnos mattress can be zipped and linked.  Hypnos is able to manufacture any bed as a zip and link Hypnos bed.  This flexibility means you can have a luxury mattress with two different tensions.  A perfect solution if you and your partner enjoy different sleep experiences.  We want to tailor your Hypnos bed and mattress as much as possible.  So, we can split a large double bed into two single beds when needed.  The divans are discretely linked at the head and the foot of your Hypnos bed, allowing your mattresses to be zipped together along their full length.  Standard size Hypnos mattresses include king size, super king size and our largest standard size 200 x 200cm. 



Q Can I put any Hypnos mattress onto a slatted bedstead?

We always recommend purchasing a complete Hypnos bed and mattress combination for the best sleep experience.  However, all of our luxury mattresses are compatible with NEW slatted bedsteads.  You must ensure that the slats are no more than 7.5cm apart and that there is a central support rail on “double” sizes.  Visit your local Hypnos retailer and seek advice about the best mattress to use with your style of base.

If a wider gap, more than 7.5cm, is present, you will need to purchase a bedstead mattress base.  If you put your Hypnos mattress onto slats with wider gaps you may accelerate the wear of your luxury mattress. Hypnos manufacture a product called a bed base, which sits directly onto the side rails and replaces the slats.  This will allow you have to the full luxury experience of your Hypnos mattress, without the expense of purchasing the whole bed.

Q How frequently should I turn my Hypnos mattress?

When you first purchase your Hypnos mattress we suggest you turn and rotate your mattress weekly, to help the high quality fibres settle. 

You should turn your Hypnos mattress seasonally, in other words, every three to four months.  We recommend that you turn and rotate your Hypnos mattress.  We also suggest you get assistance when turning and rotating your mattress, to avoid risk of injury.  Also, if you damage the Hypnos mattress in this process, you could invalidate your guarantee.


Q My Hypnos mattress has developed a slight hump in the centre, is this normal?

All our luxury Hypnos mattress are manufactured with a high volume of quality fillings.  Your local Hypnos retailer should advise you about the length of time it will take for your luxury mattress to settle.  This will inevitably happen when weight is applied, which is where you sleep.  Therefore, if you keep rotating and turning your mattress, once a week, then the filling will settle better.  You might also want to spend some time sleeping in the centre of your luxury Hypnos mattress, to help settle the fibres in this area.


Q Do you make large and long beds, custom sizes or custom shapes.

Hypnos beds and mattresses have an international reputation.  Our luxury beds and mattresses can be made to measure.  You can have your own bespoke measurements, so longer and wider, depending on your needs.  Ask your local Hypnos retailer for more details.

Typically we can make beds up to 215 x 215cm, or seven foot long and wide.  Your local Hypnos retailer will be able to advise how you can get your bespoke Hypnos bed and mattress.

Hypnos can make special shaped beds: from mattresses with cut-out corners for a four poster bed frame, to curved beds or even tapered V shapes, to fit into a boats berth.  Hypnos beds and mattresses are available in all contexts you can imagine ever wanting.

Q What storage and drawer options are available?

Hypnos beds divan bases can include hidden drawers in various configurations.  At Hypnos Beds we believe your personal needs should be accommodate.  Hypnos also supplies super storage divan bases and hideaway divan bases for large volume storage.