Buying a new bed can be a minefield, and with so many different types and options to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate through them all to find the perfect bed for your needs. So how do you go about selecting the right bed for you?

There are lots of different styles of beds to choose from, and we’ve put together this handy guide and how to measure for a new bed to determine which one is right for you.


Bed Sizes


There are a variety of different bed sizes available in the UK:

Small single width 75cm, length 190cm
Single width 90cm, length 190cm
Small double width 120cm, length 190cm
Double width 135cm, length 190cm
Kingsize width 150cm, length 200cm
Super kingsize width 180cm, length 200cm

The size you choose will depend largely on the amount of space you have available in your bedroom and before buying a bed, some of the key things you will need to consider will revolve around its size. For example, the bed you choose will need to meet your height requirements and should have no problem being carried into your home and upstairs.


Bed Types

Once you have determined what size bed will suit you best, it is time to look at the different types that are available. We have a wide range of them at Reading Bedding:



Bedsteads consist of a frame with sprung or static slats to help support the mattress. They tend to be more decorative than standard divan beds and there are a variety of different styles of bedsteads to choose from. Although your choice will very much depend on your personal preferences, you will need to consider the support the bedstead provides - static slats will give you much firmer support as opposed to a sprung unit which will offer more responsive support.


Divan Sets And Bases

A divan base supports the mattress and affects the comfort and support of your sleeping surface. You can buy a base separately but be sure to consider the type of mattress you want to put on it. Both the base and the mattress must be tried together so you can find the right level of support when both parts are put together. Divan bases come in a variety of different types including solid or platform edge, sprung edge and true edge. Additionally, many divan bases are available with or without drawers and some even come with a lift up top to allow for maximum storage.


Storage/Ottoman Beds

These are a great option if space in your bedroom is tight, or if you want a separate space to hold any bed linen or seasonal duvets you have. Designs that feature drawers are popular, as they provide great access by sliding or rolling out on coasters. Storage beds can come with up to 6 drawers on each side of the bed which can be full size or smaller to suit.


How To Measure For Your New Bed

Measuring your bed properly, especially your mattress, is key when determining which size to buy. You will also need to measure your room, especially if you want to buy a bed larger than your current one, to make sure it fits adequately. Mattresses and box springs come in different depths so you the height of your mattress must be carefully measured to ensure a proper fit.

Using a tape measure or a ruler, measure from the edge of the bottom of the mattress to the top. Include any toppers, memory foam pads or other mattress accessories along with your mattress, and do not press down on the mattress while measuring it - this will ensure you get the correct dimensions.



You can order your new bed and mattress securely online or why not come and see for yourself by visiting the Reading Bedding showroom? Reading Bedding have been providing beds and mattresses for over 30 years so if you have any queries or require any further information we urge you to contact us on 01189 896 12 12 or simply fill out the contact form.