• Do you find that you’re tossing and turning through the night? Can’t find a comfortable position no matter how hard you try or how tired you are? Before you start to consider yourself an insomniac have you considered what could be causing your nocturnal unrest? More and more people are becoming more educated in the science of sleep and realising that the cause of restless nights could be down to the bed in which you sleep. We’re here to help you decide on the perfect mattress that suits your individual requirements. Choosing the perfect mattress is not complicated and we are here to show you how.

  • There are Many Factors to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Mattress

    Goldilocks found the first bed she came across to be too high, the second too low, finally settling on the third bed she came across to be just right. This is a proven method of choosing the perfect mattress for you and if you visit the Reading Bedding bed shop showroom we welcome you to try out our beds and mattresses for yourself. We are very proud of the standard of our presentation of our beds and our showroom has recently been refurbished to ensure that your visit is pleasant and you can browse what we have available in comfort.

  • Contact Reading Bedding – Your friendly and Reliable Bed Shop in Bracknell

    So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a quality bed shop in Bracknell you are only a short drive away from the Reading Bedding showroom. All of the beds and mattresses we provide come only from the most trusted bed and mattress manufacturers. All of our beds also include manufacturer warrantees so you can rest assured that if you are not completely satisfied, we can rectify this for you. If you would like to contact us you can do so by filling out the contact form featured on our website or by calling 01189 861 212.

  • Mattress Sizes and Their Dimensions

    Fairytales aside, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the perfect mattress that is right for you. One of the first and possibly the most important, for obvious reasons, to consider are the dimensions of the mattress. You can see a list of the possible sizes and their dimensions in the mattress buying guide section of our website. This is your first step to choosing the perfect mattress.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

    Once you have chosen the size of your mattress what you need to consider next is the type of mattress you want and you may be surprised at the choice of mattress that is available. Memory foam is a popular choice and a material that the majority of people are familiar with due to a boom in demand. This revolutionary new material was developed by NASA in the 1960s and is designed to mould to the users body. When first available to the general public one of the main complaints was that the memory foam was too warm. In the interest of eliminating overheating the Coolmax memory Cool Zone mattress was developed. To regulate the temperature this design of memory foam mattress incorporates the cooling attributes of bamboo charcoal.

  • Open or Pocket Spring Mattress

    Other choices to consider when choosing the perfect mattress are the more traditional open coil mattress and the pocket spring mattress. Pocket mattresses provide a little more support than the open coil mattresses and most orthopaedic mattresses incorporate pocket springs.

  • Other Features of your Mattress

    You can then choose whether you would like a pillow top mattress and as the name suggests these feature am extra soft padded layer at the head of the mattress. No turn mattresses are also available. A No turn mattresses reduce the need for turning the mattress to increase the lifespan.  You even have a choice of the finish of your mattress; this could mean quilting or tufting. Cotton, wool or polyester can act as the filler for your mattress. You can find out more about the mattresses we provide and options in our mattress buying guide.

    Choosing the perfect mattress is not difficult once you know how and you have all the necessary information.


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    If you buy now you could be eligible to up to 50% thanks to our winter bed and mattress sale. What’s more, we have recently launched our ‘Buy with Confidence Guarantee’ (Terms & Conditions apply; ask in store for more details). This means we are so confident in the mattresses and beds we provide that if for some reason you are not completely satisfied you can exchange it for something else.

  • Contacting Reading Bedding

    We look forward to meeting you acquaintance but don’t forget you can place your order online or over the phone. You can contact the Reading Bedding team on 01189 861 212. If you need further guidance when choosing the perfect mattress for you then our team of friendly and professional representatives will be more than happy to oblige.