• Adjustable beds, otherwise known as mobility beds are designed to ensure that the user gets the most comfortable night’s sleep and can position them self in a way to achieve this. It can be said that mobility beds are suitable for everyone but are especially suited to the elderly or the disabled or for those who are recovering from injury.

  • Mobility Beds Provide Excellent Support

    As well as providing short term support, mobility beds also work well as long term relief when managing certain conditions. If in order to achieve the most comfortable sleeping position certain areas need to be elevated, such as the legs when dealing with circulatory conditions or leg injuries, adjustable mobility beds are the perfect solution.

    Back pain is one of the most common causes of discomfort during the night and stops many from getting a decent night’s sleep. Mobility beds provide excellent lumber support and can be positioned to contour to the body. You can even position the bed so that the user can sleep in an upright position, this is especially useful for those who suffer respiratory issues or who might be confined to a bed. The upright position means that everyday tasks such as eating can be carried out with ease.

    To meet the rise in demand for electric adjustable bed, Reading Bedding have started to provide mobility beds to the public. We already have experience in providing the mattresses. As with all our beds, the mobility beds we provide are of the highest quality and come with full manufacturer warrantees.

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