Rauch bedroom furniture comes from a German designer furniture brand that has become synonymous with top quality products, and it’s one of our most popular brands with our customers. At Reading Bedding we have been stocking Rauch bedroom furniture for years, and we find people love to not only buy beds online, but also to kit out their entire bedroom with furnishings of the same high standard. The Rauch brand itself has been produced for well over a century, which is testament to its enduring quality and longevity.


Rauch furnishings are designed to an extremely high standard, which makes their very reasonable price point even more attractive. As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of bedroom furniture, they have successfully built up this reputation by putting quality above all else. They design their pieces to suit the needs of their customers and last a lifetime, which is most likely exactly what you need to complement your bedroom design.


What makes Rauch pieces stand out is the distinct yet simple design philosophy they tend to focus on. Most of the ranges are customisable and modular, so everything is designed to fit around your room and the rest of your furnishings. You can also mix and match pieces from different ranges, and you will find the sizes and styles match seamlessly to create a unique finished look that’s tailored to exactly what you require. 


For example, the Cologne range of side tables, drawers and cupboards is one of the most popular Rauch collections we stock regularly at Reading Bedding. The range features many different combinations of storage options, so you can select the model that will fit perfectly alongside your bed or other bedroom furniture. Like most Rauch collections, the Cologne pieces feature clean lines and solid craftsmanship, making them ideally suited to almost any modern room design.


What’s more, Rauch furnishings are available in a variety of different finishes, which can make a striking difference to your room whilst blending in flawlessly with your other pieces. From Alpine White to rich Havana Oak, you can order your chosen unit in any of the standard range of finishes and have your custom order delivered within a few short weeks. Just take a look at our Rauch bedroom furniture range online to make your selection and give us a call to discuss pricing. You can also arrange to visit the Reading Bedroom showroom to see some of the pieces for yourself.