TV BedsImagine watching your favourite TV shows and movies from the comfort and snug of your bed; this is the luxury TV beds have to offer.


We all like to spend more time in bed whenever we can because it’s just so comfortable, which is the reason behind breakfast in bed as well as the traditional Sunday lie in. TV beds are the latest in this growing trend that is quickly gaining ground among households in the UK which is understandable, they increase your comfort by providing entertainment right in your bedroom with style.



You may have tried watching a movie in bed from your laptop, and may be asking yourself why you need a TV bed instead. Well, here are several reasons why: 


1. Bigger screen: providing you a more enjoyable viewing experience. A laptop may only have about 17 inches at most, but a TV bed will support a much bigger display up to 40 inches. This is especially favourable when watching something with someone else to keep you company.

2. Efficiency: TV beds are specially designed to hold a TV screen and hide it away when it’s not needed. Besides, using a laptop or tablet requires that you be careful when handling it so as not to damage it. TV beds appropriately position the TV at the foot of the bed safe from damage and you can easily shift your position to a favourable viewing angle. There is also a concealed compartment to hold a DVD player or other media hardware.

3. Power: unlike tablets or laptops which eventually run out of power, a TV bed will stay on much longer and allow you to enjoy those box sets and movies you've been meaning to catch up on.

4. Comfort: just like any conventional bed, TV beds still ensure your comfort is still a priority and you will have no problems with that. It’s still a bed, at heart, and you can choose from different types of mattresses to suit.



TV beds are still a new idea at the moment, but also a very welcome addition to the beds and furniture combination. A few furniture makers provide them, but only a small number can come close to the offerings at Reading Bedding and with our Lowest Price Guarantee, you will always get the best deals on offer.



Do not wait too long as you struggle with the difficulty of using tablets or laptops. With free delivery on all purchases, get yourself the perfect TV bed for yourself today and make your bedroom experience one to look forward to.