Memory Foam Mattress


Choosing beds and mattresses can be difficult, whether you travel the UK trying out different types of mattresses in shops or if you choose to buy beds online instead. Even if you try them out in person first, you won’t really know what it’s like to sleep on your new bed until you’ve had it for some time. 


That’s why our mattress experts at Reading Bedding have put together this guide to help you out – different mattress sizes, materials and brands are all covered here to help you get through all the confusion to the amazingly comfy bed at the end.



Firstly, there are basically three different types of mattresses to start from:


  • - Open coil spring is the classic form of a standard mattress, built using a system of springs linked up with wires and sometimes additional frames for added strength. These vary in firmness, but some people look for alternatives as they can become uneven if you’re sharing a bed with someone else, and the springs can be uncomfortable with older mattresses.
  • - Pocket spring mattresses are based on a similar concept, but with smaller, individual springs working separately. The more springs, the better the support! Orthopaedic mattresses tend to be pocket sprung for this reason.
  • - Memory foam is a different alternative that some people find much more comfortable to sleep on than traditional spring mattresses. Others actually find it too warm since it fits closely to your body shape, although there are special versions to combat this problem such as our popular CoolMax range.


Then, there are different special features that suit different people’s requirements:


  • - Pillow tops that provide an extra soft layer on top of your mattress
  • - No-turn options that don’t have to flipped over periodically, which is normally a good idea for pocket sprung mattresses but can be difficult to do
  • - The choice of quilting or tufting depending on what’s more important to you – the overall finished look or securing the filling tightly
  • - The filling you go for, whether it’s cotton, wool or polyester


As well as all these different options, there are also many different bed brands to consider.  This shouldn’t make your decision too complicated though – at Reading Bedding we only stock the best brands offering great value for money. 

Open Coil Mattress

Some of our most popular options include Hypnos beds and mattresses, Sealy, Dunlopillo and many more – see the full range here in our Brands section.


The best way to decide between all these options is to consider what you need, what you’re willing to pay more for, and how you tend to sleep. This should help you make a decision when looking into the known pros and cons of each option. Ultimately there’s no substitute for trying out the different options, even if it’s only for a short time, so if you’re near the Reading area we highly recommend paying us a visit!  Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us through the Reading Bedding website and we’ll be able to give you more information about any of our products, which can be ordered from and shipped to anywhere in the UK.