electric adjustable bed

Though most closely associated in the UK with the elderly and those with mobility issues, electric adjustable beds offer a wide variety of universal benefits. Even for those who don’t already suffer from any specific sleep issues or health problems, the right beds and mattresses can make an enormous difference to sleep quality and general wellbeing. When you buy beds online there is a much wider choice available and electric adjustable beds are a great option.


Of course an adjustable bed will always be somewhat more expensive than a standard bed, but given the fact that this is where a third of your life is spent, it’s a small price to pay for optimum health and comfort. So if an electric adjustable bed is being considered but the decision is yet to be made, here’s a quick look at five great reasons to upgrade:


1 – Improved Sleeping Position

First of all, having total freedom to adjust your bed means being able to find that perfect position with total spine, joint and body support. The additional comfort aids restful sleep, while the reduction in potentially painful ‘pressure points’ can reduce or eliminate back, leg, neck and joint pain in the morning.


2 – Improved Breathing and Circulation

It’s also worth considering that sleeping on a standard mattress can frequently lead to restricted blood flow, along with various sleeping positions that can cause or intensify snoring. In both instances, a more supportive and healthy position achieved by using an electric adjustable bed can bring about significant improvements on both accounts.


3 – Total Relaxation

Another enormous benefit of the adjustable bed is how wonderfully comfortable they can be for general relaxation. From reading to watching TV to eating breakfast in bed, it’s simply an entirely different experience than that of a regular bed. And while on the subject of food, sleeping with the head raised in an elevated position can also be beneficial for frequent heartburn sufferers.


4 – Easy Access

Adjustable beds can also be uniquely easy to get in and out of – especially for those with mobility issues. The bed automatically assists in changing between sitting and laying positions, making mornings and evenings alike considerably less strenuous.


5 – Affordability

Last but not least, one of the most important arguments for upgrading to an adjustable bed is the way in which they can be just as affordable as high-quality standard beds. And given the fact that you will be making a long-term investment in something that delivers way more than the average, it simply makes sense to consider the adjustable options on the market.